“Are you my friend”

In Argentina they have a “friend day”! Here we have mother’s day and father’s day and they also celebrate these days. But being isolated from friends for so many years, I would like to see my country have a “friend day”! Now before you get thinking that I am thinking how great Argentina is, please consider that  I am very proud of my background and almost gave my life for it. But we won’t get into that.  You will find me alone still standing for the pledge allegiance especially ” God Bless America” and if I have a cap on, I’ll take it off. Yes, all alone. No show and tell. I’m introverted in a society that adores its extroverts. I’m not too competitive in a society that loves its winners. And I have had multiple brain injuries.I realized that my people saw my problem as a weakness and other cultures saw me as valuable. I don’t know why or how that played out, but I do not feel that modern medicine knows much about brain injuries and that no matter what your political stance is that our returning soldiers need your appreciation and not on a superficial level. My blog is about traumatic brain injury and how it affects people on levels that most people could not imagine. It is not a political blog.  It is pro-soldier, in that most soldiers like my father come home changed men. And we as a people need to become more understanding of PTSD and TBI. I also believe that we could all use a good friend. Be a friend to a vet or at least go visit your mother or father in a nursing home even if they have temper tantrums and hardly recognize you.  Being a coma survivor, I can tell you that many of them know more than you could imagine and they need your loving touch and your presence.


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In 1991, I suffered a brain injury. It showed itself in a variety of ways- and baffled everyone including myself. In the following entries it is my hope that we as a people, might respect those with differences and realize that we don't know the full story. It is written also with our soldiers in mind, coming home with injuries that are misunderstood and brain injuries/ptsd that cause unnecessary suffering and to isolation. It is written for those with autistic traits who are shunned by their peers. It is written for stroke victims who have no more voice in society and the people who do not take the time, to listen. It is written to all with invisible injuries that go discounted, dismissed and discarded. Peace.

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