A little but not too late.

Some days, I feel that my improvements this time are going to be “too late” and not enough to make me feel a useful person for this world. It is very important for me to create and to accept on a gut level what “enough” means. Also I need to forget thinking about the life that I had hoped for and accept the pain that came with having another brain injury that took away years of hard work and persistence to get in a late position to realize certain dreams that I had once had.

I want to be like the children building sand castles on the beach. They do not see it a waste of time putting in all the effort to build their castle when a wave comes and takes it away. They don’t care if the beach day is coming to an end. They stay focused and go to a new spot even if the sand is not as good ¬†and they begin building again. They enjoy it all. And if their mother says it is time to go and they have just started on their new sand castle that is incomplete, they may stamp their feet and protest to their mother, but soon enough they are sleeping in peace from a day well-spent.


“Show Me the Way” even if its the door!

As a TBI survivor many times over, there is one thing I’d like people to be with me. Blunt. Say what you mean and mean what you say. I’m sorry, reading between the lines is not easy for me. Sometimes, I get your hints, but usually there is a lag time. I will not take offense. In fact, I will like you more. When you have no patience left just say “I’m tired now and don’t want to deal with you. There is the door. Leave.” Wouldn’t it be nice if people who have trouble understanding non-verbal cues, could hear this more.