“Show Me the Way” even if its the door!

As a TBI survivor many times over, there is one thing I’d like people to be with me. Blunt. Say what you mean and mean what you say. I’m sorry, reading between the lines is not easy for me. Sometimes, I get your hints, but usually there is a lag time. I will not take offense. In fact, I will like you more. When you have no patience left just say “I’m tired now and don’t want to deal with you. There is the door. Leave.” Wouldn’t it be nice if people who have trouble understanding non-verbal cues, could hear this more.


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In 1991, I suffered a brain injury. It showed itself in a variety of ways- and baffled everyone including myself. In the following entries it is my hope that we as a people, might respect those with differences and realize that we don't know the full story. It is written also with our soldiers in mind, coming home with injuries that are misunderstood and brain injuries/ptsd that cause unnecessary suffering and to isolation. It is written for those with autistic traits who are shunned by their peers. It is written for stroke victims who have no more voice in society and the people who do not take the time, to listen. It is written to all with invisible injuries that go discounted, dismissed and discarded. Peace.

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